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  1. Has any new features been added to solve this mass email update?
  2. I see that this is a widget then. How does a member add a background picture? Where are the settings for the number of topics in the widget. Thank you
  3. Then perhaps I am missing the adding of a widget? Here is the instructions got with the download. installation-instructions.pdf
  4. Is that error done when assigning a block? I have Blocks > Plugins > supertopics
  5. I've followed your instructions and everything worked as directed however I am unable to see any changes on the front end. Is there a setting I have to do to turn it on?
  6. re Topics Where do the background images come from in your example? If the member has to upload them, what does it look like if they don't have an image?
  7. I run a city guide type community and I am wonder if there is a way to get an RSS feed from maps.google.com on each local guide? Any help appreciated!
  8. Is there club notification settings like email when a new person is added?
    I love buying from this developer, he always has excellent service and support. This download is very slick and easy to use.
  9. Can I manually add a moderator?
  10. That worked, thank you for your fast support!!!!
  11. Yes I see that but there is no approval link?
  12. No, maybe because it needs to be approved? Where can I approve the club and I will see if that works first. Thanks!
  13. I just bought this plug in but my dropdown does not show according to screenshots? Only 'edit settings' shows up on the drop down.
  14. I meant a website that you use to add quizzes. I love this idea, but don't know where to get the actual quizzes from?
  15. Is there a place to import quizzes from?
  16. IC, yes this is at the bottom of each blog. But is there a url rss for all latest blog entries?
  17. Where can I just disable this stream?
  18. Bump! I can't be that dumb can I? Please help :-)
  19. I've turned this on in ACP, but am unable to find the feed url. Any thoughts to where this is located?
  20. Thanks Steve, when I go to Pages > plug in > all I got is 'who's online' Where do I get the RSS plug in? Thank you very much for helping :-)
  21. Any help appreciated ... I've searched the forums, and tried to figure it out. Is there anyway to add an external RSS feed to blocks, similar to how RSS in blogs work?
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