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  1. Another language string is missing: BTW, would you prefer to report the bugs in the test forum or in this thread? Bug: when you click the link 'edit widgets' and select the 'link statistics' widget, nothing will happen. Check the following video: http://sendvid.com/e6anh4do
  2. Language string is missing on AdminCP: -edit- Question: when a website has been updated, would it be possible to resubmit the image thumbnail of the website? Suggestion: when comments are disabled on admin side, the toggle is already on frontend available to inform the submitter on new comments. Image 1: Image 2: Bug: when you edit or submit a website and it will generate a thumbnail, the text will not be show correctly.
  3. Looks very good. One question: how is the specify the location working?
  4. A map would be great, using the Google maps API?
  5. @Adriano Faria would it be possible to add a Google Maps (GEO) custom field? and I am unable to edit the link on your demo site, is that right?
  6. Steps to complete a member profile. Social groups.
  7. When I press the download button, the version will be downloaded. How come?
  8. Yup, that's something to think about. However, the current member interaction of IPB 4.1 is not very friendly.. I have to make this decision.
  9. @Lindy can you advise, please?
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