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  1. Dreadnought Theme [ support topic ]

    I dont understand why we always have to uninstall it and reinstall it and not just upload new version? Cause then i always have to get support with the new versiion...
  2. Sticky Notes (support topic)

    yea but what if i keep writing new stickys.. and i want them to see each one
  3. Sticky Notes (support topic)

    What if i wanted to show them another message? There sould be a database cookie clear..
  4. Update on Invision Community 4.2

    Man i thought this was going to be released... on monday
  5. Sticky Notes (support topic)

    Yea I'll test it after I get done playing gta
  6. Sticky Notes (support topic)

    This doesnt work on my site its broken gsmreloaded.com
  7. Invision Community 4.2

    10 now
  8. Invision Community 4.2

    Is this ready yet? Its been in beta for like 4 years already
  9. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    I searched that and i looked in some options and i still couldnt find it.
  10. (DF41) Enhanced User Info Panel (Support Topic)

    found a problem That moods app wont show on my avatar with this mod.. could you please update it so it would work?
  11. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    How do i make my prefixes uppercase? Everytime i type in the upper case it becomes lowercased... i remember there was a fix for this.. i forgot can somebody refresh my memory?
  12. Hide Links, Code&Images From Guests 1.0.0

    I bought it please add those options that was said above!
  13. (DF41) Enhanced User Info Panel (Support Topic)

    Yea i did that and it worked.. but... but want to be able to rearrange what i show first.. also just an idea but.. maybe you can populate the custom fields in that page so we dont have to keep going out of the options and into the profile options to insert that code. just a thought
  14. (DF41) Enhanced User Info Panel (Support Topic)

    Thanks.. Can you add a option to rearrange what you want to show first? Cause i dont want my custome field all the way at the bottom
  15. (DF41) Enhanced User Info Panel (Support Topic)

    boss man .. problem.. cause my user group is too long look http://www.gsmreloaded.com/forums/topic/48346-congrats-to-tukmol_316-supermoderator/#comment-240972