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How to deal with secondary groups?


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Hi there,

I'm using some secondary groups to specify permission for different sub-forums and areas of my suite.
At this time my permission concept looks like that:

Primary gorup: Member
Secondary group: isAllowedToPostCalendarEntries, isAllowedToPostInSubforumTeam

It's not exactly the way my groups are named but in fact it's the way my permission system is built. So, now my question: What happens if there are different settings within the groups? Does the primary group overrides all settings from the secondary group? What if two or more secondary groups have different setting?

If I just want to grant a specific user group permissions to enter a subforum it's complicated because I have to set settings - even if they doesn't matter. Like "signature size" ... the only change I want to achieve is that a specific group has additional settings.

Any ideas?

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