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  1. Works for me now. Many thanks! Information for other customers: If the default settings are not working try to reset the cache of IP.Board via the support app.
  2. Any chance that embedded images / smilies will work with this plugin in near future?
  3. So we are waiting for 3 points right now? The "things don't improve" point The "got back to my computer" point The "have some time" point No, it's okay... I'm still in hope that IPS will fix this bug asap.
  4. Any idea how long we have to wait until the "things don't improve" point is reached?
  5. @Fnuxle Unfortunately there is a bug with newest IPS version: You are not able to enable the rich text and avatar mode by default. You can sue the ACP to activate both options but they will not affect the user. If the users enable both options by themself everything is working. Could you please have a look?
  6. Hi there, unfortunately your plugin creates an issue with another app. Is there anyway to fix this?
  7. Thanks, I'll inform @Mike John about this issue!
  8. No problem here. I was just a bit confused because I saw that you were online but no response here. I'll delete the negative feedback on your marketplace item - don't worry. I'm using a custom theme, yeah - but it's not working with the default theme either. So, to clearify the way to get this app working: Create a few fields Group them as a container Assign the container to a forum Create a new topic and fill out those new fields The fields will be added to the post after creating the post? Is this correct?
  9. Hi there, I just bought the app and I'm a bit confused right now. I thought that the app will enable me to use custom fields to enhance the creation of topics. Like "Please insert your Version" and this information will be added to the post. But nothing at all happens. I created a few fields, group them by a set and added this set to a container. I added this container to a forum and I can see my fields if I create a new topic in this forum. But ... the fields are not displayed after I save my topic. They are still enabled (I can see them by editing the post) but they will not inserted into the post or above / behind the content. I'm not sure if something wrong or if I am just to stupid to get it working Edit: IPS 4.1.15
  10. Yupp. I'm still confused why this "feature" (it's basic, I think ...) is not builtin.
  11. Nice, thanks! Just awesome support!
  12. @Fnuxle The Issue with the @-Mention + pressing Enter = closing the reply-window still exists
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