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  1. I suggest you don't have to choose between question and message for the forums. This is annoying because on my forums, some messages are questions, others are discussions. It would be nice to give the person the option of "posting as a question" for example. Thanks you
  2. @Andy is it possible for an developer of the team to make this plugin? For someone who is competent and comfortable with the coding I think it's very simple! This plugin is really very useful!
  3. @Pete T We can upload a photo with desktop but not with mobile.. I don't know why Can you help us ?
  4. no never. But I'm afraid that this beautiful plugin is abandoned, and that users will have serious problems with the next big update (4.2) because the author of the plugin is gone.
  5. Proposing a page with an unanswered question greatly increases the bounce rate and decreases the time spent on the site.
  6. Listen to me : The best thing to do for the SEO and for the IPB community is to put an option to put an article "rel =" noindex "if there is not an answer.
  7. Social network like this : https://forum.espace-musculation.com/publications/ The problem is that the image upload with mobile phone does not work (this works with a desktop). IPB Staff does not want to try to fix it because it is not their code ...
  8. Hello :)

    Do you know if they will have a social network part for 4.2 ?

    We just need a "wall" like this : https://forum.espace-musculation.com/publications/

    They are already profil page, new members widget, members to follow, etc... like a social network.


  9. Hello, >> I have install advanced status updates : https://forum.espace-musculation.com/publications/ My only problem, I can upload a photo with desktop but not with mobile.. I don't know why Can you help me ? please
  10. Hello,

    I have a problem since yesterday. I do not know if this is related to the update that I did.

    I do not see the possibility to make status updates for everyone.

    When I look into the options group, I have "Can post status updates?" : OK (for all groups)

    but I need to turn this setting on each status individually for that we can post your status.

    IPB St

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