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Ideas for canned/boiler plate/template replies

Gabriel Torres

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Hi guys,

There is one particular forum in our community that the moderadors want to have a database of canned replies, only accessible to them, so when users post there, they would simply choose a reply from a drop-down menu. I think this could be achieved through the multi-moderation feature; however, they need to have the ability to add/delete/edit these canned replies, and AFAIK, multi-moderation configuration is only accessible through the ACP.

Any ideas of how we could accomplish that?

Of course, ultimely we can hire a developer to create an app or plugin for that, but I want to check if there isn't a solution available already.

Thank you in advance.


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Maybe use 'Saved Actions' (once created, accessible via the 'Moderator Actions' dropdown, and can be restricted to be used in one, some or all forums in a community)

And to give them the ability the add/delete/edit these then add them (or the group they are in) as an administrator (so they can access the ACP) but restrict them to only being able to use Forum -> Saved Actions

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