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How do you turn this ON by default? "Enable status updates?"


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I would like to switch the CKEditor off by default for Status Updates. I don't want the members of my community posting posting images or links in there. Additionally, it's throwing some of my members off because the 'hit enter' to save message doesn't work. Status Updates has become too dependent on the 'mouse' to save the message. I want the previous functionality of the Status Update widget restored.

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On 12/24/2015 at 0:04 AM, chilihead said:

Thanks! Strange such a thing is off by default and to turn it on is not on the page like the profile visitors is, it's hidden.

yeah what the heck? Why are these things off by default? Now I have a bunch of members who think my site sucks because they can't post status updates.

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24 minutes ago, superj707 said:

nevermind, I think I found it memberFeatures_su in table core_sys_conf_settings

it's not there

I believe its:

pp_setting_count_comments needs to default to 1 in core_members

I ran this once and also as part of a script on new members to change that and some other defaults.

The plugin mentioned might be good to use once you change all the existing members.

When I first upgraded, I didn't even realize this was defaulted to off and though my site was broken.

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