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I think it would make sense if a user can not only delete the comment on his/her blog.

He/She should also approve it.

Right now only my mods can do this. Why? Makes no sense to me.

Specially when it's buggy like now. Yes I made tickets ;-).

I also think instead of reading 1.000 comments I would like to have a system with overview and just approve more at a time.

Right now it's about 16 per minute without reading to much.


Yes I have  a lot :-)

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9 hours ago, Murmel said:

Maybe a: 

This user can comment allways and has not to be approved?

That's wouldn't solve his problem.

He is asking for comments on blog posts to still need to go through an approval process, but he want the author of the blog entry to be able to be the one approving the comments, even though they are not an moderator in any way on the site. 

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