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    This is working fine on my board and regardless of the what people say in the support topic the author was quick to respond.
  1. The minimum post character count works flawlessly 😎
  2. So this does not work and he doesn't offer support? 😐 I was interested in purchasing this but if there is no support and it doesn't work then it's kinda pointless. I just need the minimum char count to work. Can anyone confirm that's working?
    While the post reply works fine, the reaction to unhide content is rather flawed and can be abused. A user can react to your content, unlock it and then remove his react. Due to this flaw the author was made aware and was generally not helpful and seemed not to care or expected more money to fix this broken part of the plugin. Rather disappointing. Be aware if you buy this for the reactions part it's not worth it and flawed and will be abused by your members.
  3. I did via pm, he says its custom work even though it seems to be a flaw with his addon lol. Oh well, thanks anyways. - Mods feel free to close.
  4. Hi, Is there a way to stop users from reacting to content and then removing it. We recently started using this addon: And we use the reactions to unlock the issue is we have users who like the content, unlock the content grab w/e the content is and then remove the reaction. Is there a default way of disabling this in IPS 4? Is there any addons that stop this type of behavior? - TIA
  5. This x1000000000000000 Is there a query that can be run manually to kill this? Or something site administrators can do? Turning it off just doesn't seem to work fully lol.
  6. Hi, I am sorry if i am posting this in the wrong area, i hope not. Is there a way to dump all variables per template? Something like XF has? Example: {xen:helper dump, $visitor} Thanks.
  7. Hi Guys, I see there is beeing done allot to the updating on the IPS 4. But is there not a way u guys can make upgrade packages... that we only upgrade the files to our board with the files that is been modifyd and not all files. Or you guys modify so much files that the whole upgrade/install package need to be uploaded to the server....
  8. Chilling cracking scripting

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