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Why are long URLs not shortened in 4.x ?


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3 minutes ago, Martin1980 said:

Could you post an example please? 

On 3.4.8 - when you paste a long URL and submit....the long URL is shortened:


Here is the result using the same URL on here (auto parsed to a link, not pressed return so as to avoid auto-embedding)



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15 minutes ago, chilihead said:

Just just stating it happens with external as well, as the reasoning for internal may have to do with embed ability. But then again probably not as that is just how it is displayed. :) 

The reasoning might be simply that it hasn't been thought of within the functionality of their auto-linking plugin (ipsautolink) - shouldn't be a difficult change at all, simply detect how long the url is and then display a shortened version when creating the link.


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1 hour ago, Tracy Perry said:

Oh, I can think of a better way of doing it.. but then if I mentioned it I'd get slammed because it's the way "the competitors" do it- what they refer to as Link Title Conversion.

With IPS4's new editor, this actually isn't a bad idea. It could certainly work.

I think this is something I am going to look into implementing myself.

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