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Liking your own post


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It might be kind of fun to have a plug in where you can like your own post, but it kind of makes a joke out of it somehow...

Like when I am drunk, posting on a board and want to like my post like 79 times. 

Some kind of self deprecating humor.  Like a badge on the post for liking your own post.....



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This sounds fun just to troll people liking themselves, like adding a derp icon next to their avatar in the post.

 I've been trying to find if people liked themselves with this:

{{if $content->author()->member_id == \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id}}
    {{if $content->canGiveReputation( -1 )}}


And that kinda works because if you can unlike stuff, it means you liked it previously. 

But it breaks as soon as you stop enabling people to give reputation to themselves, you can no longer like/unlike yourself, but previous likes given to yourself remain so...

I was hoping for a $content->gaveReputation() or something like that, but no luck so far.

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