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This application will allow users from specific user groups to add notes to members, in order to have better control of the member's life in the community

Adding Notes: Users from specific groups can add notes in two places:

  • + Create menu
  • Directly on user Profile, on a new tab called Notes, where notes can be edited or deleted, if you have permission to do it.


  • New tab called Member Notes on ModeratorCP -> Member Management to display notes from all members, where notes can be edited or deleted, if you have permission to do it.
  • Number of notes on user's posts, linked to the tab in his profile. You can also add a note from the post.
  • Number of notes on user's personal card (mini profile on hover user link)
  • Widget to display the latest notes.
  • Notification to all users who can view notes when someone gets a new note.

Group permissions:

  • Can view notes
  • Can add notes
  • Can edit notes
  • Can delete notes


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Your two screenshots leads to the same place: the logged user hasn't permission to add/view notes on Members -> Groups.

Everything is right on by board and using the same version I posted here. It works:






If I remove the permission:


What happens ?




I use the same version I uploaded here on IPS today earlier. SO PLEASE, before you say the app doesn't work, make sure you have set it right, like GROUP PERMISSIONS.

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35 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Send credentials to your board via PM, please.

Many thanks. I've cured the problem of the notes not appearing in the Post Container. I had edited it to show a join date. Reverting the Post Container solved that issue. I still can't see the block on the index page. I suspect it may be a bug with my setup. I have tried many times to add the block. Sometimes I get an error, sometimes it adds and displays, but when I go back to the page it's gone again. I've PM'ed you Admin access.

Thanks again


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I love this application and after initial problems (caused by my editing of the post container) it is working well.

However, the Latest Notes Block on the index page only appears sometimes - most of the time it is not present. Adriano has been helpful in looking at the issue for me, but as he can't replicate it, and the code works, he is unable to offer a solution (I'm grateful for the time he has taken!)

The other members of my site who have access to notes are having the same problem - a block that only appears sometimes.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Many thanks


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Hi @Adriano Faria!

This one is working fine and it was able to correctly import old notes from IPB 3.4.x, which is great.

I am facing a couple of silly layout issues, which you can see in the attached screenshot.

1) I am not able to translate the "By" phrase. I've tried everything... See below. (lang_id 1 = English; 2 = Portuguese)

mysql> SELECT * FROM core_sys_lang_words WHERE word_default = 'By';
| word_id | lang_id | word_app | word_key | word_default | word_custom | word_default_version | word_custom_version | word_js | word_export | word_plugin | word_theme |
|    6912 |       1 | core     | by       | By           | NULL        | 101016               | NULL                |       0 |           1 |        NULL |       NULL |
|   17938 |       2 | core     | by       | By           | Por         | 101016               | 101019              |       0 |           1 |        NULL |       NULL |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

2. I am not able to view the number of notes on the member's profile, neither on the hover card (shown in the screenshot) nor on the posts.

Please advise!



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1: This app doesn't use the lang_key by. It uses notes_by:

	'add_note'							=> "Add Note",
	'note_by'							=> "Note by",
	'note_date'							=> "Date",

The error is not related to this app. You can see this in your query above: word_app is core, not membernotes.

2: The lang on hover card is modcp_members_notes, the same used on ModeratorCP. Take a look if it's there also. Also, the setting group VIEW NOTES must be enabled to the user who is viewing the topic/profile. Make sure everything is fine and your templates arent't edited. You can see a few posts above that this was the issue.

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@Adriano Faria

Regarding my issue #1 above, you are incorrect. The template membernotes > widgets > memberNotes uses the word "By" as follows:

<span class='ipsType_light ipsType_small'>{lang="By"} {$giver->link()|raw}, {datetime="$note['note_date']"}</span>

Note the {lang="By"}

That is showing up in English, not Portuguese for some reason. Please refer to the result of the MySQL query posted above.

Regarding issue #2, I still don't see the "note counter" on posts or on the hover card. I have "can view notes" enabled for my usergroup. If you could take a look at that using the credentials I supplies I'd appreciate. Here is a link to a topic where you can check this out, as the topic starter has several notes and the counter should have been there.


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