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Tapatalk Signatures (annoying as hell)


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Is there a way to disable Tapatalk signatures via the forum?

Its annoying and most of my members already have signatures in their profiles.

I want to allow forum signatures, but disable Tapatalk signatures

I would suggest to ask this the tapatalk support;)

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2 tickets sent... 3 days later...no reply

Posts in their forum ... no replies

Worst of all is that I paid for the pro version and get nothing in return

I had a lot of problems with Tapatalk, no show subforums, signature after the content... and no reply from them.

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You can disable tapatalk signatures under your site settings in the Tapatalk dashboard. 


Appreciate the reply, but it doesnt work...

They did an update yesterday and at least it now displays properly and not inline with the original post, but now some users have 2x signatures and some are breaking the forum rules with their tapacrap signatures

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