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    It would be great to get some detail information instead of a generic "Bug Fixes" Overall, fantastic product and credit to the Dev!
  1. Members are logging in, but I dont see their flags... Only one dummy account I use for testing... and that one worked, but the rest dont Could it be they are logging in via Tapatalk?
  2. Ahh.. yep... thats done it... Sorry, I didnt know that its activated per member on their next login
  3. I checked some of the members accounts and Countries are not displayed in their Profile
  4. Its not working for me.... The only flag that shows is my own (admin) I also agree with Adriano... This is a support forum and not a flame zone.... have some decency!
  5. I cant find rules_scheduled_actions and the rule was member re-engagement and had no keyphrases EDIT: Found it... sorry.. will flush it now
  6. How do I delete the scheduled tasks I suddenly have 371 pages of scheduled task emails that are being sent out to my members
  7. You must be getting close to completing it ... eh
  8. Thx for your great feedback in the widget review :) 

    Fantastic extension... But more importantly is the developer who listens to the public and improves their product.. Kudos to the dev!
  9. Yes it is the theme as it works fine on other themes. Have I tried to work with the developer...? Sure, but after a few days now and no contact or acknowledgement of the issue, it should be relayed here for those that do chose those 2 packages (theme and tutorials)
  10. Your Tutorials plugin is excellent... It is the Theme that is the issue and I was just letting users know to be mindful.... Tutorials is worth every cent and a better alternative to FAQ (I had that too)
  11. Fantastic Extension... Fantastic Support But, here is an issue that you may want to acknowledge... I decided to use the Theme "Nerva" for IPB4 by IPBforo and his/her theme kills the "Tutorial" extension.... I doubt its your extension as the theme is pretty messed up Just a heads up....
  12. Great.. its showing How do I define it to just 1 or 2 items.... randomly? and centered so it doesnt look ugly (or can it grab the main image and resize it to the sidebar width automatically)
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