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  1. Aquí por ejemplo: http://www.foroiphone.com/foros/tema/116819-nuevo-rincón/?do=findComment&comment=1298298
  2. Thanks for your replies. I tried some but no solution for all. I am going to contact to the language creator
  3. Hola, tengo este problema con la última versión de traducción:
  4. Ok, I am going test... but now there is not space:
  5. Hello, I have search and it´s like this: {# [1:hora][?:horas]}
  6. Hello, as you see in the images, the date it´s shown bad when I select Spanish, but when I select English it´s ok.
  7. Hello, I don´t know but I have a problem with the RSS of a Page... the order is bad, descending the old news and don´t appear the last news (limit 5) Thanks!
  8. Hola, de los tres archivos que hay, cuál hay que instalar? El de Gracias!
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