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  1. I couldnt find much on it in the forum, so it would seem logical to post it, should others seek a solution
  2. Ive decided to cancel my Nexus subscription and move my product sales elsewhere How do I remove/delete Nexus from IPB recognizing it, as it questions me about Nexus related files all the time, even though I deactivated it
    It would be great to get some detail information instead of a generic "Bug Fixes" Overall, fantastic product and credit to the Dev!
  3. SInce updating to 4.1.4 the notifications are showing the RED notice, but I cannot access the content I cannot even "View all notifications" Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX2048
  4. I just tried it on This forum https://community.invisionpower.com/gallery/ and the same issue is present, which means its a Gallery issue and not an issue with my setup or browser EDIT: Seems some images do show on this forums gallery Now I am lost as to why its not working on my site - permissions are all set properly
  5. Straight up image URL It wont let me right click for the image URL.... Thats how I normally do it for years, but it doesnt seem to be able to do it via this gallery as it only downloads the image instead http://rimbitforum.com/gallery/
  6. I have a Gallery setup and need to know how to find the image urls, so I can use it in Portal Blocks etc. Right now I am using some 3rd party website to upload my images and the use the link URL to display images in my Portal Blocks So... how do I use my IPB gallery to display the image link.. or is this not possible?
  7. Members are logging in, but I dont see their flags... Only one dummy account I use for testing... and that one worked, but the rest dont Could it be they are logging in via Tapatalk?
  8. Ahh.. yep... thats done it... Sorry, I didnt know that its activated per member on their next login
  9. I checked some of the members accounts and Countries are not displayed in their Profile
  10. Its not working for me.... The only flag that shows is my own (admin) I also agree with Adriano... This is a support forum and not a flame zone.... have some decency!
  11. I have been getting the error "The response was expected to be in JSON format but was not" after sending Bulk Mail to my forum members. Anybody have the same experience or know what this is about? It only started happening after the upgrade to 4.1.2
  12. I run a dedicated server with hostgator.,...
  13. I cant change any cache methods either... did anyone help you or do you still have the issue?
  14. I had the same error and simply changed the default editor....
  15. I can confirm that the recount tool does work, albeit taking a while...
  16. I had hoped the update to 4.1.2 fixed this issue, but it has not
  17. After the upgrade to 4.1.1 I noticed that the post count on our forum has gone crazy with extremely high post count. You can view it for yourself here http://rimbitforum.com/ I also notice this forum has a very high post count and wondering if its real or like my site, messed up
  18. Its mid october... are we there yet?
  19. I cant find rules_scheduled_actions and the rule was member re-engagement and had no keyphrases EDIT: Found it... sorry.. will flush it now
  20. How do I delete the scheduled tasks I suddenly have 371 pages of scheduled task emails that are being sent out to my members
  21. You must be getting close to completing it ... eh
  22. I have a sitemap that is supposed to be in my root directory But when I click on the link... www.mywebsite.com/sitemap.xml it just takes me to the forum with an error notice Sorry, there is a problem Cannot find the page you requested Error code: 2T187/2 How do I fix this so I can see my sitemap?
  23. 4.0.13 has caused a lot of issues. I cannot edit existing products and have the headings change to reflect the change.... So...... just tried to ADD a new product... (My intention is to add new product description etc to replace the broken ones, then delete the broken ones) It seems Nexus is broken as I can only add description, and image for New Products and nothing else... such as add price etc.... Client Support have not told me anything... They have all the access details, yet all I get is a notice in the backend telling me that its being looked at 3 days and no idea of whats going on as they are just not telling me anything..... I paid for ... what?
  24. My forum has just advised me that since the latest upgrade, the Tapatalk links are going to different forum posts thanthe ones they should As it was fine before the latest upgrade (yesterday), I can only conclude that it is the forum that causing the issues. (perhaps I am wrong) All I can say is that this upgrade has really messed up a lot of things that where pre latest upgrade, all working fine. Client Support have been notified but it seems new things are cropping up and I will first post them here, then report them with support
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