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Non continous member_id


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I have noticed in my members table in the database that some member_id's are missing and I cannot understand why. It should be aoutincrementing the member_id for each new member but in this table I have somenthing like this:

member_id  |  name  |  ...

3589               nameA

3588               nameB

3587               nameC

3585               nameD

3584               nameE

3583               nameF


So where is the member_id "3586"? Our members have not the possibility to unsign the forum, so why I have so many member_id missing in my members table? Is the same in your forum? Thanks!


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I think that it has not too much sense, because validating or spam members are not delete from members table.

If you go to your control panel you can see in the members page one tab for validating and one tab for spammers where you can see a list of members. If you go to your database table "core_members" you can look for these usernames and you will see all of them are storaged in the table.


So the question is still open, why there are many member_id's missing in the "core_members" table?

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member_id is set to "AUTO_INCREMENT" which means it will automatically generate a new IDs but it won't reuse ids. So if you create 10 new members with IDs 1-10 and then delete them, then create one more member that will get an ID of 11.

Validating members who don't validate in time are deleted after a few days. So you will get non-contiguous member IDs. I have my Flag As Spammer set to delete members as well so I get missing member ids from both spammers and validating users who don't validate in time. It's normal.

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But in my case is not like that, I have spammer and validating menbers since more than half year. And the missing id's are from users who were registered yesterday, 3 days ago, 1 week ago etc...



I just want to understand how IPS software handle this table because I realize about that yesterday when I see an error in my website (who use the same members table of the forum). The error was that the website cannot find the user with id 9.487 who had uploaded an imagen in my website. So I enter in the database and I look by myself in the core_members table and I saw member_id's 9.485, 9.486 and 9488. So I realize that the id of the user who 2 hours ago upload an image to my website now has gone.

At the beggining I thought that the user unsigned the forum but later on I saw there is no possibility to unsign the website so I cannot understand what happen with this user (because as I said spammer and validating members are not being deleted from core_members table). Thank you.

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And where I can find this option? Yesterday I was trying to find the option to cancel my account and I never find it. Where I can find this option? Thank you

There is no option to cancel a validated account. The option is to cancel an incomplete registration. It is shown on the validation page when you view the site.

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