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Got to tell someone- Now that is service


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I just have to share this.  I am hosting on IPS, working out of town, on the 4th of July weekend, and my debit card is compromise.  So I have no choice but to cancel the card, which is what I use to pay my IPS hosting account, and my account is due on July 6th.  I had forgotten about my account being due until this morning, July 5th.

I set my daughter up as alternate contact with permissions to pay my account, in doing so I did not see a place to create an account for her, just enter and email address.  I begin to get a little concerned that my site will go off line before I get the invoice paid.  

So to save time and make sure everything is processed okay,  I created a ticket, requesting instruction, on how my daughter will be able to pay my invoice.  Rhett Buck, responds back in about 5 minute, possibly less.

Now That Is Service!  Thanks a lot Rhett! Rhett response is below:

Rhett Buck has replied to your support request.

Hi Rick, it looks like you have this setup properly, she would log into the client area with the email (I removed her email address for security) at this url https://www.invisionpower.com/clients If she hasn't setup the account yet for her email she can request a password reset on the login screen as well.


Then she should be able to process this for you


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