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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/259796957/legislative-news-bringing-your-voice-into-governme?ref=nav_search Hosted on IPS, we are not done new changes are coming soon...
  2. Okay, maybe I had better try updating to latest version of IPS, first. I do not want to waste your time. I will let you know how it goes. I will have to wait to do that tomorrow, got to go for now. Thanks
  3. Hello, It appeared everything was going to work fine but when I clicked on Change Author and typed in the new authors name and saved. The author did not change. Any ideas what went wrong?
  4. To date, I would say "oh-wow" with what you have produced in IPS4, in my opinion excellent job!. However, it would be nice to see a focus on pushing out some of the guides, so clients can make the best use of IPS4 products on their site. I know there are a lot of smart tech folks out there, using IPS4, who catch on quickly. I am guessing there are an equal number, perhaps more, who are not so tech savvy, who have full time careers, who would desire to put the full technology of IPS4 to use on their site, without have to go through so much trial and error, before learning. I would also venture to say, once those users have a full set of guides to implement the full power of understanding IPS4 on their site, it would help sells go up. Of course this is only one supportive client's opinion. But, how better to put the polished touch on transparency for the end of the year? Thank you.
  5. Hmm... this raises a good question, since IPS is still having quite a few upgrades, fixing bugs and/or issues with 4.0, If I pay to have widgets or work done, then upgrade to a new version, say every two weeks, each time, I will risk the work I paid for does not work. I would remind everyone, I am a fan, supporter of IPS 4.0, and I know, introducing totally news systems takes a while to work out, what I am going to call a stable environment. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Yes- specify exact polls that will be places in rotation, probably 5. But it would also be nice, say on my index page, a poll widget is placed, which displays 5 rotation polls. In other areas on my site, another poll widgets could be place, which displays 1-5 different rotation polls. My site has specific reasons to rely heavily on polls, so it would be nice to use this poll widget to entice non-members to join up. In that sense, I would want to use/specify the juiciest polls.
  7. Can modification be made so a forum topic feed is added and rotation of the feed? I would like to be able to select which forum polls are added, so when the widget is placed in the sidebar it rotates between the selected polls, or perhaps create a new widget that works this way. I would be willing to pay for the changes, make donation or purchase new, whatever works for you. P.S. In the copy write area, I would like to use this area to add a message ,which allows for a link to a url. Thanks
  8. I just have to share this. I am hosting on IPS, working out of town, on the 4th of July weekend, and my debit card is compromise. So I have no choice but to cancel the card, which is what I use to pay my IPS hosting account, and my account is due on July 6th. I had forgotten about my account being due until this morning, July 5th. I set my daughter up as alternate contact with permissions to pay my account, in doing so I did not see a place to create an account for her, just enter and email address. I begin to get a little concerned that my site will go off line before I get the invoice paid. So to save time and make sure everything is processed okay, I created a ticket, requesting instruction, on how my daughter will be able to pay my invoice. Rhett Buck, responds back in about 5 minute, possibly less. Now That Is Service! Thanks a lot Rhett! Rhett response is below: Rhett Buck has replied to your support request. Hi Rick, it looks like you have this setup properly, she would log into the client area with the email (I removed her email address for security) at this url https://www.invisionpower.com/clients If she hasn't setup the account yet for her email she can request a password reset on the login screen as well. Then she should be able to process this for you
  9. ​Hmm, I never tried it in Blogs, only forums. I trust you are correct.
  10. Works and looks great in 4.0.3.!
  11. Hello,

    I would like to take a look at your website, can you tell me where can I see it?


  12. ​Is he the one standing out front? If so that may just be an old fishing trick, hold the fish out in front of you so it appears bigger.
  13. Did you ever read those App agreements? Most all of the ones I have read, if used, you allow them to copy almost everything on your phone. I have shut almost all of mine off. Some day and I will bet sooner then later. People will start carrying about their security. Just read those agreements and what you allow them to do. I think it is pretty ridiculous. I mean, I download radio station, music or news app, why would they need to copy my contacts, texts messages. It is none of their damn business (please excuse the language, sometimes it's the only thing that fits). People don't even read them, they just accept and continue on.
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