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Pending background processes


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After upgrading from v3.47 to v4.0.2 I have several pending background processes... the problem is that they are stopped and have stopped their evolution...

I've tried with the option "Alternatively, you can manually run them now and wait until they all complete." but after a few it returns the same message "[an error occurred while processing this directive] " and continues without advancing...

I have the following pending processes:

  • Rebuilding post reputation
  • Deleting legacy topic data
  • Reindexing files
  • Rebuilding posts (this at 61,76%)
  • Another additional 11 tasks

All are at the beginning, at 0% except the indicated one...

Any tip for ending the background processes?


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I want to finish them because they are unfinished upgrading tasks and I want to finish the upgrade correctly as soon as possible...

I'm not familiar with cron tasks, but if they fail live, will they work via cron ? It that's the solution, I'll use cron!


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It's in the yellowish box where you enable the cron in the ACP... I'm not pasting it because It has some code that should be different for your site and it also depends on the path to your site.

Just toggle the cron setting in the ACP and it will show up.

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I have enabled a cron, and it doesn't work...

I've run manually but it gives me an error "[an error occurred while processing this directive] "

Now I also receive the following messsage

Locked Tasks

The following tasks appear to be locking frequently: queue.
Please run them manually. If you require assistance with any errors shown please contact technical support.
I've run manually and everything continues equal...
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