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How to put a logo near the forum name


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As no idea what size your logo is and also depends if created a new theme in Developers Mode or not so you may have to make some adjustments to following:

upload your logo to image folder for your skin (images/core/front)

in your stylesheet change or add to current styles or scroll to bottom and add at the end:

header .ipsLayout_container {
	background: url({image="logo.png" app="core" location="front"}) no-repeat;
	height: 100px;

#elSiteTitle {
	position: relative;
	top: 50px;
	left: 200px;

obviously change the location, height and position to your own requirements

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Is there a way to do that if you want a different logo when the language is changed, Steve?

Somebody kindly advised me on the preview site of a way that might work by using language strings but if I could do it neatly like this, even better. Thanks!

Edit: Actually, it's probably not worth answering me, since I'd need to change the text too if handling it this way, and my logo would have the text already featuring in it. What I would need is a way of displaying just a different image depending on language. The language-string approach might be the best to stick with.

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