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I was ruining throw my security center check list from the (ACP) when i came across = > Enable open_basedir

We recommend enabling the PHP configuration option open_basedir and setting it to your webroot and temporary directory.

Any one tell me first why this is re-commented ? and secondly what effect this has ? and last point is it a security risk not to have it enabled ?

Many thanks in advance... :smile:

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Nice one Andy i will enable it, by the way i am currently away from my site at the moment so i will enable the open_basedir shortly

were you say " include your tmp directory " is this option available to me throw the open_basedir ?

If not how do i consider doing that ??

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I am not at all formula with what you say Andy adding stuff, but i use whms & Cpanel ! now i am wanting to try this for myself, but as this is not some thing i wish

to mess up !! can you tell me were to start looking & add what were?

Hope you can guide me throw this ?? and thanks again for your reply :smile:

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Hi Zizzla_JA

On whm go to:

Home »Security Center »PHP open_basedir Tweak

Easiest way is to search for it on the top left as : PHP open_basedir Tweak

And select the Enable php open_basedir Protection :smile:

You can see there that you can exclude any domains that you may want also....

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PHP open_basedir Tweak = > PHP open_basedir Protection
PHP's open_basedir protection prevents users from opening files outside of their home directory with php.

This security tweak uses Apache DSO style directives. If PHP is configured to run as a CGI, SuPHP or
FastCGI process, the open_basedir setting must be manually specified in the relevant php.ini file.

Enable php open_basedir Protection = > Host = > check

Well it seems my server management guys had already enabled it so i did not edit any thing there, i just need to enable open_basedir
now from the ACP :smile: cheers AndyF & ASTRAPI for your time answering my post.. :thumbsup:

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