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  1. Sorry z1000 mate been off line for a bit, well buddy, things have slightly changed, i have upgraded my board to 3.4 ! so will this work with new version.
  2. Do not quite follow the meaning of " init function " can any one shed some light on this..
  3. Been trying to install this hook for 3 days now! does not seem to work with 3.3.4?? ACP message " This hook is not supported on your board " any ideas please??
  4. Can i ask question guys, if some one pays for copyrights removal.. do they still recive the same level of support from ipb, reason i ask this question, reading a post some were on this site, regarding copyrights removal, i read my site becomes more vunerable for hackers! how true is this?
  5. Thank you all for your positive remarks, like Intersect wrote i also have the funds to remove the copyrights !! but why would some one want to do this, whats the benefits? I am happy to support ipb script and proud to purchased a genuine license.
  6. The DMCA can protect Copyright Infringement, ok jay thanks but still does not answer my original question, any way if a mod can lock this topic now, would be nice, as its not really going any were, gracious.
  7. bfarber i understand about doing this throw my ACP ! what i am asking is it fear to have genuine purchases of your software paying for this to be removed when others can do this for free.
  8. Just want to ask the developers of ipb script ! why does genuine people who buy there software have to pay for the copyrights remover on there boards, when i have seen on the net, sites offering free removal key for ipb 3.1.x . just curious. also for nulled boards, which i know with nulled boards comes the risks of security issues. in all honesty i myself would rather support the developers and thanks again for all your hard work, all skin and hooks uploaders.
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