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  1. Sorry z1000 mate been off line for a bit, well buddy, things have slightly changed, i have upgraded my board to 3.4 ! so will this work with new version.
  2. Do not quite follow the meaning of " init function " can any one shed some light on this..
  3. Been trying to install this hook for 3 days now! does not seem to work with 3.3.4?? ACP message " This hook is not supported on your board " any ideas please??
  4. In ACP regarding controlling members, most of the first post by Charles i follow and have done a few tweaks , New members are placed in a group i have created called Newbies, In order to view my board fully with exception to introduction + site rules which they have to make a post in each of these 2 sections, Which is applicable after registration has been completed , This then promote newbies to members group still with some hidden sections of the forum , Now i have only done this as a trail period over the last few days ,And have tested this out by using an account i have created some time ago for myself to test as a member, Which comes in very handy to view what normal members can see and not see :smile: My issue is in ACP members group while setting this up!!! In the forum tab after report tab { Can view other members topics? } this throws me a bit, Should this be unchecked or checked as in ticked? Also 1.Can post new topics 2.Can reply to OWN topics? 3.Can reply to OTHER members topics I guest number 1 would be yes, for intro and site rules post. and 2 would be no? until promoted along with 3 ..... If wrong please advice as i want to make sure i get this set up correctly Zizzla
  5. Also glad to here this, when i upgrade to 3.3 looking forward to seeing this error gone :smile:
  6. Ok i have never thought of doing that. how many times do you take a full back up
  7. Can i ask why you take it of line when you are doing a backup? can,t you just take backup from cpanel
  8. Can i ask question guys, if some one pays for copyrights removal.. do they still recive the same level of support from ipb, reason i ask this question, reading a post some were on this site, regarding copyrights removal, i read my site becomes more vunerable for hackers! how true is this?
  9. cheers Mikey so its almost like the board game then! only alterd to your site, will have to try this out
  10. Personally charles how i do it is! after each new member has been validated if i have any dought about a user could be the name / email / any thing that looks a bit doggie lol, like you said go into moderate all posts made by this member for lets say 2 to 7 days depending on my suspesions, ipb is great software for controling members, thanks for the post mate
  11. Does any one know what sefket is talking about with trivia?
  12. Thanks sefket totally agree with all the 3 point mentioned
  13. Or the guest can read a topic and even reply to it !!! this to me personally would be inviting spammers to post crap, i have used charles "teaser forums" on my board and it works fine, as long as you do not allow guest to post ! only read the post, you don,t even have to allow this also , just show the forum, when they click into the topic all they get is "Permission Denied" message, but what i also do is allow my members to post in the forums, forums i use are usually some thing like 1. Animals/Pets 2. Cooking 3.Sport 4.Travel The above forums usually get guest intrested, i have also tried adult section lolz, that took of like a bat out of help... I wander why :D
  14. Thank you all for your positive remarks, like Intersect wrote i also have the funds to remove the copyrights !! but why would some one want to do this, whats the benefits? I am happy to support ipb script and proud to purchased a genuine license.
  15. The DMCA can protect Copyright Infringement, ok jay thanks but still does not answer my original question, any way if a mod can lock this topic now, would be nice, as its not really going any were, gracious.
  16. bfarber i understand about doing this throw my ACP ! what i am asking is it fear to have genuine purchases of your software paying for this to be removed when others can do this for free.
  17. Just want to ask the developers of ipb script ! why does genuine people who buy there software have to pay for the copyrights remover on there boards, when i have seen on the net, sites offering free removal key for ipb 3.1.x . just curious. also for nulled boards, which i know with nulled boards comes the risks of security issues. in all honesty i myself would rather support the developers and thanks again for all your hard work, all skin and hooks uploaders.
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