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How can i measure the performance on my server before and after using APC cache?

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One easy method would be to enable level 1 debugging on your forum before and after.

I generally always leave this enabled on my forums. You can enable it by going to System Settings > General Configuration in your ACP.

Look for this setting, and set it accordingly,


Keep APC disabled after enabling this and browse around your forum a bit. View a few threads, profile pages, and make note of the page execution times for any other IPS applications you have installed.


(All of this information will be displayed in your sites footer after enabling level 1 debugging)

Then enable APC and repeat the process. Then just compare the execution times for the pages.

For what it's worth, I use Nginx and PHP-FPM on my server. To ensure accurate results, I disable use_apc from conf_global and disable APC entirely in my PHP configuration before restarting PHP-FPM when testing. This ensures it really is disabled when you're comparing results.

(The execution time of the board index on my development forum seems to average around ~0.07 seconds without APC and ~0.03 seconds with, to provide a very loose example.)

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