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IPSS 4.0 long overdue feature, 'groups'


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Not 'Social Groups' but something a bit different. A set of groups similar to member groups except that other members can be assigned as being 'in charge' of one or more of the groups. Those in charge of the group can add 'moderators' to the group as well as control membership (free to use group or require approval). Sort of like a 'social groups' thing but watered down. Then within the individual apps, be able to decide if a group has any access to that app (example, could grant use within ip.blog and ip.board, but not ip.gallery) as well as what kind of control is allowed with that app. Such as number of blogs or categories that may be made or number of forums, etc.

Please consider something like this for the 4.0 IP.Social Suite.

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As much as I appreciate the Social Groups app available here and am a paid customer, it does hold back my forum in a number of not-so-insignificant ways. It tends to lag behind for upgrading, it prevents Tapatalk from allowing people to browse Social Group forums, and it poses other compatibility issues that can be tricky to track down.

First-party support from Invision Power for semi-autonomous subgroups within a larger community, without having to grant lots of power in the ACP, would be fantastic.

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