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Do something with Member title

Axel Wers

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You can disable member titles on Admin Panel.
System Settings > Members > User Profiles > "Number of posts a member must have before allowing them to change their member title" set to "0"

Or you can edit your skin and move member titles to another place.

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It prevents members from misusing it, which is what you seemed to state was the issue.

If you want to remove it entirely, you can use a template hack for that fairly easily.

But I don't agree that it should be removed entirely, I and many others actually do make use of it, and it's a "common" feature for all forums to have.

I've never had any problems with people not understanding that the title was for.

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Member titles seem to be dated and silly. Even status updates are more useful.

Member titles are not even remoely relevant to status updates.

If you don't want to use it, don't use it. I'd suport adding a setting to disable member titles if you don't want to use them, if that can't be done already without a template hack, but it definitely has no reason to be removed entirely.

I do make good use of it on my community and my members love it.
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