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    Great app, it's very simple and powerful with all the integrations it offers. The support is awesome as well.
  1. Thank you foster. Great support BTW. Keep up the awesome work.
  2. Sure, more options for trophies are always welcome. Thank you. I'll be waiting for the new release then.
  3. @fosters Shouldn't "User has posted at least X posts" be checking the member_posts field on the core_members table? It seems that it's checking the total amount of posts that the member has posted, but because there are forum categories where admins can disable the post counter, this will result in trophies being given even if the users don't have the right amount of posts on their post counter.
  4. External search support is planned for 4.3 according to this post:
  5. Don't upload giant trophy images. Even if the images were resized by code, it's a bad practice.
  6. I agree it should be at least 10 comments. Can't find the function to change that
  7. For the update with the bugs on the navigation bar fixed. Or maybe I didn't understood and the bugs are already fixed (with the exception of the more menu)?
  8. Do you have an estimative date when you'll release the update?
  9. Question: Does this icon/button show the notification counter, so that a user knows he has a notification when the off-canvas menu is hidden?
  10. Just a suggestion: Have the sidebar have it's own scroll instead of scrolling the entire page to scroll the content on the sidebar. Also the sidebar should never be bigger in length than the page... this could be solved with a scroll-able sidebar.
  11. Thanks @kysil ... Didn't noticed that you and @TSP already had reported it.
  12. Hi, I noticed on Beta4 that now when translating, instead of automatically saving the text strings when I changed the text box (happened on the previous betas and alpha), now it shows a save button for each text box. Hitting the save button EACH TIME I translate a string is not practical, and it slows down considerably the translation process. Was this intended or is a bug / problem with my installation perhaps ? Thanks
  13. ​Probably that's because there is a folder that needs to exist and it was not uploaded (didn't exist on the zip file). Try creating a folder "datastore" (without quotes) on root and chmod it to 777.
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