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Add Youtube and Flickr sections to My Media

KT Walrus

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I'd like to see the My Media RTE button panel enhanced with support for selecting a photo or video to insert from Youtube (for videos) and Flickr (for photos). Both these websites provide OAuth interfaces to access the videos/photos in a user's account. The first time the user clicks on the new Youtube or Flickr tabs in the My Media panel, IPB would go through the authorization process. Once authorized, the videos/photos that have been uploaded to the account would be shown for insertion (files ordered by upload date and paged with filtering by tag/keyword).

There are other third party sites that allow selective sharing of media through OAuth/OAuth2 authorization and I'd like to eventually have lots of them available in the My Media panel, but Youtube and Flickr would be the first two since they are the most popular (and oldest) sites for users to share media files.

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