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  1. 4.0 - Embeddable content

  2. 4.0 - Embeddable content

    So we STILL can't embed tweets or instagram content?
  3. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 4: Special Features

    Love the @ feature. Any functionality you can adopt from Twitter or Facebook will only increase the comfort level of users. Keep it coming.
  4. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 1: Content

    I know you guys will FINALLY add a way for us to embed Tweets, right?
  5. IPS 4.0 Design wishlist

    * Responsive * Global sidebars * Ability to embed tweets
  6. You can't login anonymously when anonymous login is disabled. I guess you could go into ACP and enable it and then log in, but that's not really practical. Didn't think about everybody starting from the vantage point of Guest when logged out. Thanks for the response.
  7. There are times when admins/mods need to be seen and times when we don't. The ability to log in anonymously needs to be at the user group level instead of global. Thanks for your responses by the way.
  8. Why can't you see it happening? VIP forums won't work because we'd end up with a duplicate forum for every sport we cover (ie...Football VIP and football non-VIP, basketball VIP and basketball non-VIP). That's not feasible. Look at this forum. Notice that you can't read any post that's marked VIP: http://auburn.247sports.com/Board/Auburn-Tigers-Football-Basketball-Message-Board-Forum-Blog-42
  9. i need for administrators and moderators to be able to log on anonymously but I don't desire any other members to have this ability. Can anonymous login be added at the group level instead of universally?
  10. Guests can currently read all posts on my forum. I'd like for my registered members to have the ability to mark each post as VIP where VIP would restrict viewing of that post to registered members only (ie...guests can't read a VIP post).
  11. IP.Board 3.4 Coming Soon

    Can we PLEASE get Tweet embed capability included in 3.4? Please?
  12. Please make tweet embedding "out of the box" in 3.4.
  13. What is the target release date for IP.Board 3.4? And will there be major skin changes from 3.3. to 3.4? I'm on version 3.1.4. and I'm running a custom skin. I don't want to pay to upgrade the skin to 3.3 only to have to turn right around do it again for 3.4. Thank you.
  14. Upcoming Calendar Events

    Bump. Anybody?