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  1. If it's something that takes that little effort then you're better off just posting on the support board and asking someone how to do it.
  2. It is. According to the people who still use it. *coughkiritocough*
  3. I would see about getting an IRC client embedded into your site.
  4. Pretty much applies to everyone no?
  5. What're they gonna do? Shut down your website?
  6. Wow. The apps really are coding themselves...I'm completely impressed.
  7. I guess I'm just being a prick and wanting to know what new features will come to IP.Gallery. :P
  8. Actually I have a more developer oriented question. How do you handle "hidden" content in the database? Is there a column added for each content item/node type that acts as a flag? And I take it that the content items/nodes account for this flag when generating feeds of data. Is the column name universal for all content item/node types? I'd love a coding example of how easy it is to flag something as hidden. Mostly curious to see if you're got a fixed, one line method for it or if each individual app has to handle it separately with an sql update command.
  9. Well, a mod can be made for everything. :P But if someone accidentally deletes a post it doesn't matter if the mod exists or not unless they have it installed already.
  10. Meh. I already know how to run a different app as the main one and make forums completely invisible to the public side. I want to hear about actual features. Like multi tags searching so that I can look up gallery images that fit the criteria of two or more tags. Or the ability to edit gallery images within the gallery. Cropping, rotating, simple editing. The ability to drag and drop images for gallery upload. Or a bigger one, when people post images those images get uploaded to your site and the urls in the post are changed to the ones on your own server so that content doesn't disappear
  11. Is there an option to delete a post only if it's already been hidden? The main thing with 3.4 is that if a person accidentally clicks on delete there is still a way to bring the post back.
  12. Are any of the products going to get new features? Everything we've heard so far is rewrites and streamlining of existing processes. Yeah. I've heard this happen often in this forum.
  13. Except this has nothing to do with release dates. I very clearly made my post NOT about Charles' 2013 estimate rather about other comments made in threads and blog entries by Brandon and Mark indicating that development of 4.0 was quite farther along than it actually was. I really don't see where you get off on writing off people's frustrations with "and this is why we don't tell you release dates" when really their frustrations are more based on the fact that they're afraid to commit to anything for their 3.4 powered sites in fear of it being obsolete in 4.0. Then they look back and regret no
  14. Pretty sure I said summer 2014 which is more like Q2 which is also just my opinion based on my observations.
  15. Charles' 2013 comment aside IPS staff members were also going around since July making comments like "we're actually farther along in development than you might think" and "we've been working on 4.0 and 3.4 at the same time". I'm not saying that this means that they should've had it out by now, but the way they were talking I'm sure you can understand why some people expected it sooner. As a result some third party modders stopped making new products because "why should I code anything when I just have to redo it in a couple months?" Site admin grow more hesitant to buy mods and skins because
  16. To be fair, I've seen on more than one occasion on this very support forum admins saying how something was accidentally deleted and then rejoicing at the fact that it's still been retained and can be restored. My only thing is, can we search through hidden posts and topics?
  17. You mean like this? http://community.invisionpower.com/forum-297/announcement-30-what-new-in-ips-social-suite-40/ It's at the top of every board...
  18. So will we be able to put moderators in a moderator user group and then configure each of the settings described in the blog on a per moderator basis? Or is fine grained moderator controls still. Exclusive to forum moderators? I realize that this question might somewhat exceed the scope of the blog since it carries other implications, but it's still relevant.
  19. You know...this enterprise spam service thing has been around since August. IPS puts a hard limit on how many IPs can call the spam service for a specific license key and since my site has an active recent history of switching around hosts/servers I passed that limit which caused me to get banned from the spam service. It was then that they offered me the $100/ 6 month enterprise spam service which allowed for cloud/dynamic environments and weighting and more calls from more IPs. All back in August. :P Instead they very kindly just cleared my IP log instead. :) So it's been around for
  20. With features that already exist? That's what I'm trying to clarify. If one of those features already exists in IP.Board or not.
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