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After signing in here why am I still on a signing in screen?


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I visit these forums a couple of times every day. Roughly once a week I find that I'm signed out. Could be because I'm signing in from another computer. I travel a lot so use both a desktop at home and my laptop whilst away.

Ok so I sign in again. That's cool as my browser remembers the password. What I find bizarre is why am I not redirected away to another page like the forum index. Instead I'm presented with another signing in screen. The only indication that I'm now signed in is my member name is now present at the top right hand corner. Attached is what I mean. If I'm a home late and a bit tired I end up by mistake trying to sign in a few times even though I'm already signed in.

Surely it makes sense to redirect me away from the signing in screen once I'm signed in?

Nigel / 3DKiwi

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Does it happen even when you sign in from the board index? I notice the URL in your screenshot is not properly formed.

No. If I sign in from the board index I'm returned to the index.

I've just figured it out. What I'm doing is clicking on VNC assuming I'm logged in from the time before. I'm not so then click on the sign in button and sign in. After signing in I get the sign in screen again. You should be able to test this yourself by signing out and clicking on VNC and then trying to sign in.

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