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  1. AllanLima

    IPB 4 will support php 5.5 ?

    I use php 5.5 and Zend opcache with IPB 3.4.6 and works fine, probably works in 4.0.
  2. AllanLima

    Download: (SOS34) Snow Forum

    Hello Yes, it's on my list of projects for the end of the year. News of the next version: Option enable / disable for members Script writing on Skin Compatibility with skin Ehren Blue Gravity where detected a BUG. Hugs.
  3. My Lumia 800 fouls :(

  4. Why connect my Wireless?

  5. AllanLima

    Gradient (Blue)

    It worked in my version 3.4
  6. AllanLima

    Download: (SOS34) Snow Forum

    I'm developing an option to have snow in the Script direct, without seeking the 3rd script folders
  7. AllanLima

    Download: (SOS34) Snow Forum

    It's error is the hook DawPl
  8. AllanLima

    Download: (SOS34) Snow Forum

    I could not understand what he said, you said it in Safari and Firefox did not work? Tried to add the code manually?
  9. I agree it would be very helpful
  10. AllanLima

    Download: (SOS34) Snow Forum

    It may be conflicting with some other hook. You can add the code directly into the template. AdminCP> Look & Feel> YOUR SKIN> GlobalTemplates. and add after </ head> <script src="{$this->settings['public_dir']}/neve/snowstorm.js"></script> If you want to disable only remove the template
  11. AllanLima

    Download: (SOS34) Snow Forum

    I tested on 3.3.4 and it worked, I think it's something in the Template. Tested in 2 custom skins and also worked, did you upload the folder NEVE to the folder public?
  12. AllanLima

    Download: (SOS34) Snow Forum

    I'll leave it fixed for the next version You say setting for groups? which groups can see the flakes?
  13. File Name: (SOS34) Snow Forum File Submitter: Kleiton Nunes File Submitted: 15 Nov 2012 File Category: Hooks and Plugins Hook this will create snowflakes effects of climate Christmas Demo in IP Board 3.3.X: http://www.arenadosmanagers.tspa.com.br Demo in IP Board 3.4.X: http://www.arenadosmanagers.com.br/340/ Click here to download this file
  14. AllanLima