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  1. I can not change anything at AT & P when I follow the club's main page. If someone follows the club's main page, you can not change anything in AT & P. The application is great. Thank you. However, when someone starts watching the club, I can not change anything
  2. Are you sure that error is related to AT&P? The SQL query that is failing does not appear to have any connection. Maybe there's some side effect causing the duplicate key though. Does saving that club work fine with AT&P disabled, and throw the error with it enabled? The error only occurs when I follow the club. If no one is following the club then it is all good.
  3. Hello, I would like to use the default prefixes in the club, unfortunately there is an error. Any help? On the forum, everything works only in clubs is a mistake
  4. Hello, One user can not see the map only empty space. What could be wrong? Regards
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