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Require Demo for Marketplace Files

Andy Rixon

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I think it is a good idea to set a requirement for files in the marketplace to have a decent demo, this is more so for paid files in the marketplace.

Most, if not all potential customers like to see a demo of something before they download/buy so they know exactly what they are receiving.

IPS know this by allowing for a demo of the whole of their Community Suite, so why not make it a requirement for marketplace authors to have a demo of the file they have uploaded.

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What about ones that are in the Admin CP, or may be live on a site but not accessible to non-staff members?

I didn't list a demo for

my latest file

because it's got group permissions on it which I only have set to let my staff use it, for example.

I Cant List a demo for Content utilities.... i have screenshots out the ***(purposely censored btw)... but ACP is hard to do anything with.
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[s]Just start yourself:


for these few files..

My 62 files must wait unfortunatelly..[/s]

Man, maybe you can think how to increase the number of sales, rather than make life difficult for the sellers?

I had issues with my server, I had to reinstall it and I have not had the time to add the demos of any of my files, there was a demo for them though, and in the next week or so, it will be back.

What do you mean by "think how to increase the number of sales rather than make like difficult for the sellers?"?
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We do try to encourage a demo link where practical but its not enforced. Especially in the case of an ACP side tool, its not always that straightforward unless you get into modifying the 'demo' site to prevent password changes or malicious tampering.

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