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Community Answers

  1. Your best start would probably be our "What's new" page on our website, which has major updates from 2011-2013. http://www.invisionpower.com/whats-new Welcome back! :)
  2. Keep in mind that, as long as your license is active, product updates are free of charge. If you buy IP.Board now, you can update later on without having to buy a new license. :thumbsup: This is exactly why we don't publish release dates. We are free to continue working on it until, as others have said, it is ready. Not rushed to release on schedule or disappoint when we miss a schedule. We release when it's ready. :thumbsup:
  3. As others have alluded to - there's much more to come in the next few parts. Stay tuned folks. Part 2 has already been posted. :)
  4. Is this what you guys are looking for? It's already built in. :thumbsup:
  5. IP.Chat is a bit of a strange case with the way renewals work, because it is a hosted subscription service. With our other applications, we're not able to offer pro-rated renewals because of the way it could easily be manipulated - you "reactivate" a product for $1 with a week left in your billing cycle, download the latest version, and then deactivate it. In order to prevent users from trying to game the renewals like this, we've set it up so that, if you choose not to renew a product for it's standard cycle, when you renew it next, you're basically "catching it up" to the suite's expiration date, and as such, it does not extend the suite's renewal date, nor is it prorated. In the case of IP.Chat, typically I am able to prorate the invoice, or just renew you a week early, since IP.Chat is a hosted service. For our other products, however, we unfortunately aren't able to offer prorated renewals due to the ease of which that could be abused. There's a much longer topic about this issue over at which should clear up any confusion and explain in further detail why renewals work the way they do.
  6. 4.0 will also only have a single version number and single download. Social Suite version 4.0.0 will be the version number, and there won't be separate versions or downloads for each product. It's just a "suite". As others have mentioned, if you only want to renew "when you want" and you have nothing else active, you'll still get 6 months. If you renew half of your licenses now and half later, you won't get 6 months here and 6 months there. Customers very frequently requested grouped renewals because they wanted everything to have one renewal invoice and one renewal date instead of a bunch of different ones.
  7. Yes and no. This is why we charge full price if you "reactivate" later. It's possible to BUY an app and get a slight discount, but your renewals are always at full price. Also, you won't get anything for almost free - we only prorate the cost of support, not the initial purchase price. Meaning, for example, IP.Content would only be prorated a maximum of a $15 discount - the cost of support for that product. The discount is never greater than the cost of the upcoming renewal.
  8. Correct. If you buy it now, the price is pro-rated based on when your next renewal date is. Also correct. Though there is a big red warning and a checkbox to let you know what you are doing. If you reactivate it, you would pay the reactivation fee to "catch up" with the old reactivation, and then yes, have to renew it at standard suite renewal date. Yes that's correct but worded a bit poorly..... If you buy blog now, you'll get a prorated price based on how long until your next suite renewal. Come your next suite renewal, Blog will be part of that renewal price. It's not BLOG that will be $10 more, it's the suite - it will renew blog with it for 6 months, which is $10.
  9. Keep in mind that our hosting plans also include the cost of the software license in their monthly price. When you're browsing your community, look at the online users in the footer. Do you usually have 10-20 users online? Usually 70-80 users online? That's the best way to get a rough amount. You can always aim lower and upgrade if needed, or aim higher and downgrade if needed. :smile:
  10. We don't do PayPal Subscriptions and have not for some time. We had a large number of customers who would forget that PayPal still had an active subscription (it has or had to at the time be cancelled from paypal.com) and it caused billing headaches. If you have any questions about how to reactivate, cancel, deactivate, or do almost anything else, take a look at our guides. There are screenshots and everything to make it easy. :) http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/guides.html/_/ips-client-services-and-faq/deactivating-and-reactivating-licenses-r30 http://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/ips-client-services-and-faq/
  11. Everyone please relax :) No need to get aggressive. Constructive criticism is welcome, it's how we improve our products. :)
  12. We did that with 3.0 and will likely do it again with 4.0 :thumbsup:
  13. "Downloads" tab will let you see version numbers for the time being. The download prompt you're seeing now is how we will be moving forward with downloads starting with IPS Suite 4.0, since version numbers between applications will no longer exist.
  14. The download under "Purchases" is always the latest download. Version numbers can be found in our "downloads" area or in our news forum as release alerts. We'll be moving away from version numbers starting with IPS 4.0, as all products will be under the same release cycle and version number. "Suite 4.0.1" will be the version number, instead of different ones for each application.
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