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I suppose this a suggestion as well as an "What the heck?" sort of deal.

If you would, take a look at this modification. 0 purchases, but 4 ratings for 1 star? The logic here is at least somewhat flawed. How can an item be rated if it's never been purchased or downloaded. I think that the whole rating system should require someone first to at least purchase and/or download the file before being able to rate or comment, that way ratings/comments aren't skewed by people who never actually use the hook/modification/skin or otherwise.

Just my two bits,

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Make that 5 votes.

You don't have to know whether the add-on works as described if it's a clear money grab.

I'll be the first in line to defend developers of apps that offer something useful and new to the software, but charging $12 to add in a feature that was removed is just bad business.

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