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3.2 Suggestion - Google Analytics Goal Set up


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With running a forum, the more information we have about our users and the trends, the better. To be able to track what users are doing and when or where they are leaving the site gives us great insight and has definitely helped me fix many problems on my site with retaining more users.

The one problem I have and from using the broken search, seems a few other people have is that there is no way that we have found to be able to track the registration process to see if we are converting everyone to members or if they are backing out during the registration process, etc.

So something needs to change. I know vBSEO had set up a URL structure to easily keep track of the goals/funnels and I think we need that for 3.2. If it's already possible, then some sort of documentation on the site would be wonderful. It would also be great to have some sort of way to track the users that get errors on the site and see what they do. This could help us design a better error page when users are prompt by these errors.

I don't believe many users will care about this, but those that actually get enough traffic to their sites, should care about it and would benefit them greatly.

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Please keep 3.2 suggestions on the 3.2 preview site as that is where our staff is looking for them :)

Well, this can go in 3.1 but I didn't think new features were going to be added to it. This probably should have been set up for 3.0 actually. I just hope a solution is made shortly as we are losing a lot of good Analytical data for our sites.
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Appears as though it's being ignored. Should be a GREAT thing to be able to track everything easier. faeces, it doesn't even have to be a feature added, just a documentation stating how to properly set things up. But like I mentioned in the OP, most people on this site probably don't know what it is I'm requesting.
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