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  1. Thanks 🙂 It might be a good idea to link to the bug tracker (for browsing existing bugs) from the main menu as well as via the new content button 🙂 Also the display bug is only here, how come? I thought this site used vanilla IPB?
  2. So it’s a display bug in Safari on iPhone XR: But I can’t see an obvious link in mobile menu to submit bugs? I hope someone will file the bug for me and maybe take the feedback too - it should be easy for us to find place to submit bugs IMO 🙂
  3. Anyone know if this is a feature yet? As others have said, it's useful to stop people starting threads entitled '.' or 'b'. While no technique will eliminate all trolling @Matt - the harder we make it for them, the better for the rest of the good users. Edit: Just to clarify my preference/query is about enforcing min. number of characters in a thread title, not the post itself necessarily.
  4. Does anyone know if there's a plugin or anything in core that will notify a user if there thread is moved?
  5. Thanks @AlexWright - is that the final solution on this? Seems a little inelegant compared to just displaying the name and email boxes on the standard contact form when a guest views it? Also the error message on support doesn’t tell a guest they need to do this - or can we easily put a message there?
  6. It's now 2018 @Lindy and on a fresh install of 4.3.1 I cannot see how we can allow guests to create support tickets? You agreed back in 2015 that it was a useful idea. I appreciate you also said it wasn't an easy fix, but it's been nearly 3 years now. Hopefully it's just me, and I'm missing something? We really need to channel all queries, guest or user, in to the same help desk for tracking and a single point of management - which is what you can do with nearly all help desks out there.
  7. I understand, it was just a potential idea for a future version - as directory software sometimes has these different paid levels. Don't worry if it's not going to happen here though
  8. I understnd Adriano, I was just suggesting an idea - like Bluto mentions, where we can sell them something extra for additional money
  9. At the moment we offer everyone free listings, but if they pay a small fee then they appear at the top of their category and have a box (or colour) highlighting them - it's just an upsell.
  10. Ok thanks for confirming - perhaps a future feature idea? So we can offer free listings and then if they pay they get more listing benefits/higher ranking. Thanks for the speedy support
  11. What I was meaning is have two tiers: 1. Free listing - basic features 2. Paid listings - basic features, plus additional images, perhaps listing higher above other listings, this type of thing If that makes more sense?
  12. Ok thanks, for #2 what I mean is can we offer everyone a free listing in the directory, but charge for an upgraded listing somehow?
  13. Couple of pre-sales questions @Adriano Faria please: Can we import a bunch of listings/links to start with, maybe via CSV, or do we have to add each one manually? I see you can charge for a link via Commerce, but can we have 1) link is free 2) link with logo, or maybe higher rank = cost? Thanks in advance
  14. There's no official news blog entry to ever mention 4.2 came out of beta, is that on purpose? i.e. quiet launch? @Charles
  15. Ah-ha, thanks @Marc S (there's two of you on @ btw?). I guess I was looking for the usual * * * * type format or something at least in bold. Maybe they'll make a small tweak after this feedback for poor sighted people like me!
  16. @bfarber the instructions are missing on how often to run the cron? Can you let me know and flag this for future versions to include?
  17. Ok thanks, just to clarify - is cron somehow quicker than manually running them manually in a browser window all day?
  18. Was this ever released @bfarber? We just upgraded from IPB 3.x to IPB 4.x and the background processes, on a VPS, are taking forever. We have had a browser tab open to run them manually, but I wondered if there were a series of command line scripts we could execute instead? We are comfy using the Linux command line (we used it for the upgrade for example).
  19. He's talking about giving users a preview/warning of what's coming - rather than just dumping it on them. Also, IMO (and expressed elsewhere) it wouldn't be a bad idea to include some clients in testing prior to major changes being pushed out - there can be downsides to only running ideas past people on the payroll or those closely linked to the company.
  20. The sub-navigation (Manage Purchases, Orders, etc.) on the Marketplace only seems to work/appear on the Marketplace home. I'm talking about this menu in the lighter blue... But when I go to a Marketplace page, like Account Credit, the menu in the light blue disappears and is replaced with the standard one: To then go to the Manage Purchases page I have to go back and find it again. Surely the Marketplace light blue menu should appear when you browse to one of the pages it links to?
  21. "Documentation" is under "Resources" rather than the more logical place of "Support", then "Support" has "Release Notes" which could be under "Resources"... All I (and others) ask is that IPS runs some of these changes past a panel of users (not just IPS staff members) before implementing them. We love IPS and we'd be happy to share our 2 cents *before* this stuff goes live with broken links and arguably confusing layout. More constructive feedback - the meta/Google title of the Marketplace is "Downloads" and the URL slug is "/files" - long term it might be a good idea to be more consistent on what this area is called and match it across all 3? A more pedantic note is that the menu refers to "Peer-to-peer" whereas you refer to it as "Peer to Peer" elsewhere, just nice to get the hyphen and capitalisation consistent. This kind of thing is hardly ground breaking, but I thought you'd appreciate the heads up, consistency is a good thing for a tech company.
  22. I didn't get an email about this? There was and is no warning on the affected pages to explain its a beta area of the site (wouldn't that qualify as poor user experience alone?) I'm not psychic and whilst I wish I had time to read the forums, sometimes, like today, I just needed to access my client area and couldn't. Also key basic links like forgot lost password surely should have been tested prior to the new design being pushed live...
  23. You visit the Client Area and you get an ugly error message. You click Sign-In and get a nicer page https://invisionpower.com/login/ You click "Forgot password" and you get a 404 page! https://invisionpower.com/clients/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=lostpass Furthermore, while logged in to my forum account, if I click Client Area I can see a purchase I made from the Marketplace, but I cannot see my core IPB license etc, which I guess is under a different but linked account. Not clear and hopefully they'll fix that 404 page pretty urgently @Lindy
  24. I've been moaning about this for a while, as have others here and here I sometimes wonder whether IPS actually use mobiles - or is it all dual screens and 27" macs @Charles On a related note, the new logo has unequal spacing above and below it on mobile - someone should check that too.
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