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  1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ It might be a good idea to link to the bug tracker (for browsing existing bugs) from the main menu as well as via the new content button ๐Ÿ™‚ Also the display bug is only here, how come? I thought this site used vanilla IPB?
  2. So itโ€™s a display bug in Safari on iPhone XR: But I canโ€™t see an obvious link in mobile menu to submit bugs? I hope someone will file the bug for me and maybe take the feedback too - it should be easy for us to find place to submit bugs IMO ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Anyone know if this is a feature yet? As others have said, it's useful to stop people starting threads entitled '.' or 'b'. While no technique will eliminate all trolling @Matt - the harder we make it for them, the better for the rest of the good users. Edit: Just to clarify my preference/query is about enforcing min. number of characters in a thread title, not the post itself necessarily.
  4. Does anyone know if there's a plugin or anything in core that will notify a user if there thread is moved?
  5. Thanks @AlexWright - is that the final solution on this? Seems a little inelegant compared to just displaying the name and email boxes on the standard contact form when a guest views it? Also the error message on support doesnโ€™t tell a guest they need to do this - or can we easily put a message there?
  6. It's now 2018 @Lindy and on a fresh install of 4.3.1 I cannot see how we can allow guests to create support tickets? You agreed back in 2015 that it was a useful idea. I appreciate you also said it wasn't an easy fix, but it's been nearly 3 years now. Hopefully it's just me, and I'm missing something? We really need to channel all queries, guest or user, in to the same help desk for tracking and a single point of management - which is what you can do with nearly all help desks out there.
  7. I understand, it was just a potential idea for a future version - as directory software sometimes has these different paid levels. Don't worry if it's not going to happen here though
  8. I understnd Adriano, I was just suggesting an idea - like Bluto mentions, where we can sell them something extra for additional money
  9. At the moment we offer everyone free listings, but if they pay a small fee then they appear at the top of their category and have a box (or colour) highlighting them - it's just an upsell.
  10. Ok thanks for confirming - perhaps a future feature idea? So we can offer free listings and then if they pay they get more listing benefits/higher ranking. Thanks for the speedy support
  11. What I was meaning is have two tiers: 1. Free listing - basic features 2. Paid listings - basic features, plus additional images, perhaps listing higher above other listings, this type of thing If that makes more sense?
  12. Ok thanks, for #2 what I mean is can we offer everyone a free listing in the directory, but charge for an upgraded listing somehow?
  13. Couple of pre-sales questions @Adriano Faria please: Can we import a bunch of listings/links to start with, maybe via CSV, or do we have to add each one manually? I see you can charge for a link via Commerce, but can we have 1) link is free 2) link with logo, or maybe higher rank = cost? Thanks in advance
  14. There's no official news blog entry to ever mention 4.2 came out of beta, is that on purpose? i.e. quiet launch? @Charles
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