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xcache and wrong ipb stats

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I was try to use xcache and it realy helps my server and i was add also in config.php the line:

$INFO['use_xcache'] = '1';

so the forum start use this cache but i have a problem on my server. xeon quad 16gb ram 4xsas disks raid 10 Cpanel server: Nginx in front of Apache 2.2 + prefork Php as fastcgi prefork settings: StartServers 8 MinSpareServers 10 MaxSpareServers 10 MaxClients 256 MaxRequestsPerChild 20000 When i have for example users 10 and latest user that register is user test1 when i use another browser and register another user so i can have users 11 and latest user test2 when i refresh sometimes i got the correct stats and then if i refresh again or browse the forum for a while and go back i can't see the new stats and instead i have again users 10 and latest user test1 and this happend also on topics. I was ask the author of xcache and he told me this:

The current looks you have is: httpd as fcgi manager, managing many

php-fcgi workers(childs). it not only make your stats wrong but also

take up a lot of memory, because each php-fcgi worker allocate its own

XCache cache memory

the target result should be: _1_ php-fcgi parent, with many php-fcgi


the key is, php as a fcgi manager should be the parent of worker childs.

Can anyone help on this what is wrong and how can i fix it? *Also i want to ask about Disk storage what i must enable to use this:

$INFO['use_diskcache'] = '1';

and which folder is using and what permissions i must add there?

Thank you

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Correct me if I'm wrong and going of your recent threads but you have:

I can only imagen your memory and I/O usuage is way to high :o , So what is the current memory usuage :whistle: And what exactly are you trying to achive. All those caching and static methods will cause extremely high usuage on your machine, I cannot think why you would benefit by using all those and more of all your /tmp filling up very very fast by the second.

[*]php as fast_cgi / mod_cgi [*]Nginx [*]Memcache [*]mod_delfate [*]xCache

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It may work fine don't get me wrong but I guarentee the I/O will be high. I do hope you have some script to flush the /tmp directory from sess* every so often.....

Everything will be fine I just do not think the idea of fast_cgi / xCache and nginx in place running at once is disc healthy.

Thats just my opinion though.

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