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Split up the "Bypass word and link filters?" group-level setting

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Please consider splitting the "Bypass word and link filters?" group-level setting (it's under Content > Moderation when viewing a group's settings in the ACP) into two separate settings for bypassing the word and link filters. This is the one:

Could contain: Page, Text

"Bad words" and "bad links" are conceptually different in how they can harm a community so coupling them together in this setting seems weird, to say the least, and is limiting.

In my site's case, I'm using the link filter as a spam control measure for new users until they "graduate" to a more privileged group but wish to enforce the word filter across all groups. I was dismayed to learn that this is impossible - enabling the link filter for new users meant giving up the seemingly unrelated word filter for everyone else.

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This is indeed an essential suggestion. I have the same needs.

Community members should not be able to use abusive words. None of them. This is about a community culture, and no member group can “deserve” to be able to abuse the other members. 

But trust members should be able to post useful links. This is about helpfulness. 

Consider separating these two permissions in the future.

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