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  1. hi guys, why do You do selfcanonicals for next pages in categories like here: canonical : https://www.agrofoto.pl/forum/forum/90-bydlo/page/2/ Shouldn't we cave canonical for first page of category like: https://www.agrofoto.pl/forum/forum/90-bydlo/ on every category page? Same issue with gallery categories.
  2. what about gallery?
  3. Hi guys, I'd like to setup internatuonal at least 4 lang community. How to start It in the matter of good seo just now i had do some test on internatuonal keywords on one of my site and the traffic from abroad is 0 after one week so It does not work at all. any hints from your perspective?
  4. Hi guys, I;d like to see sphinx in gallery. Today we have about 250k pictures and about 1.3m comments in gallery. Searching in natural way is killing our DB. Could You please recover and update the sphinx search like it was in gallery 3.x? I know it was buggy but would help us definietely.
  5. ​the link is not working Dmacleo could You tell us how to set up Amazon CloudFront? Regards
  6. I know mailchimp in general we had already sent some campaigns with success, but I thought maybe this integration would allow us to send also pw and registers
  7. what kind of emails we can send? only emailing? pw? registration?
  8. I did not get the idea of those post but does it mean that Google map was exchanged with MS Maps? edit: ok I read the file description and Yes it is. One more question - any estimates when the full version would be realesed? I mean version in which we can add locations. Is it possible to use same API key that is used in IPG gallery for pictures?
  9. Ok, now it's working. I did not get the idea with description. Thanks for help
  10. I had enabled option in panel so it should be working but on user profile it is show to start tracking so why it's not enabled? The setting does not work or?
  11. when it's visible in stats? I have users online, mod is on, but no stats, and every user in his profil has an option to track the user by the way: Adriano I had sent You a pm few days agou about different mod, could You please check it and reply?
  12. is it possible to add gallery functions? like adding pictures, commenting and so on? do I have to manually start tracking every user or is it possible to start everybody from selected group by default
  13. could you please give me more detailed info how to get it? I know how to edit templetae, but I need to know where to put the code
  14. it's working really nice: forum.agromodele.pl one more question - how to add link in the footer close to the HELP? I'd like to add 2-3 links to my other sites to get better positioning in google, especially those are new sites
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