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Adriano Faria

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Post the error that shows on your board.

This was the error I was getting:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in /home/sphlforu/public_html/admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/forums/class_forums.php on line 666

Line 666 and line 700 are the two lines in my class_forums file where the modifications are to be made.
Line 665 is: 'gid' => $r['group_id'], which in the instructions it states to put below that (which is line 666) 'mgroup' => $r['member_group_id'],

Well on that line directly below that the line is empty except for this

; )

(there is no space between the two I had to use one to not make a emoticon)
I have been putting the 'mgroup' to the right of the ; ) directly under the 'gid' as stated in the instructions.

Is there something I need to do different?
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No, the edits are exacly as asked on Readme.html. Take a look carefully 'cause PARSE ERROR is bad edit on file.

Well, when i put things where the instructions say I get the error and it makes my board inaccessible. Is there any way you could copy and paste the two edits in your Class_forums file so i can see what it looks like? I am obviously doing something wrong and can't figure it out.
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So do I not include } and { at the end of both edits as it's shown in the readme.html? I am merely copying and pasting what is in the readme.html and it's not working. The error I'm getting is coming from this edit

'mgroup' => $r['member_group_id'],

I am merely copying and pasting it where the file says so if you can't offer any more help then I guess I can't use this hook.
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