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Welldone to IPB Developers!

Strike X

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Well done releasing IPB 3 RC1! You did amazing job! :thumbsup:

After all hard work you did.. I think you should start charging people if they want to upgrade to IPB 3 Final for like $20 or something. I don't mind paying.

If they don't want to pay they will have to wait for 1 year for free upgrade to IPB 3 (with IPB licence). Of course IPB 2.3.x security update will be provided only.

Think about Marketing ;)

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[quote name='yacenty' date='15 May 2009 - 11:40 AM' timestamp='1242384015' post='1802037']
that's agains our contract as I remember correctly!!!
there is a $ in the contract that tells if You have a valid license You are able to get free updates :)

free update for 2.3.x :shifty:

for security, spam fix, etc.

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  • Management

Thank you for you compliment.

We're happy to allow all current license holders with download access have IP.Board 3 at no extra cost. I'm sure that if our accountants ran the numbers, they'd tell us to reconsider. We promised that there would be no extra charge for the upgrade to 3 and we'll stick by that. :)

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