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Guest Pyrotechnic

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Hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

My IB is hosted on a shared hosting account and my host has just informed me that due to the load on the server he will no longer be able to host it when it comes up for renewal in November.

Can anyone suggest a hosting solution that would allow me to move it across and what sort of costs are involved.

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I am only making my assumptions based on the fact I have emailed them twice. I can only presume they have recieved them as I have no reason to presume otherwise. I find it hard to believe they would not receive both emails from their own systems.

I can assure you the email was either never received, or was marked as spam for one reason or another. Throughout the week there are no open sales tickets in queue by the time the sales department employees leave. Ever (at least hardly never).

We do have a toll free number you can call as well. :)

What's your email address - I can check to see if it was received and/or if there was a reply made? PM me it please.
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