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  1. yes there is 🙂https://www.ipsthemes.com
  2. Short answer to version number was two different files but I now making one widget Vs two as now have time on my hand get this widget right. So looks so far many like the 24 hour to show this displays members been online in that period Vs having mins cutting off 60mins.
  3. Yes that correct Michael was main person made the 2.x.x to 3.3.x might stayed to 3.4.x then he left all his hooks have been taken over by different devs now, the only other one was like this was new member online or like that but i like people feedback 🙂 how widget get better so before get finished lets see how many people would like 24 hours (set by default) or cut off via 60 mins (set by default).
  4. So back in 2.x.x to 3.x.x this was called Members Online Today and was designed show members in period of 60 Mins the plan try get this back to that way at moment its getting there but issue we have at moment is if people wanted longer period example 24 hours will display 1440 mins i trying have best of both 🙂 but when try doing this hit few errors, but as keep tweaking the widget does become less buggy.
  5. correct so filter will display your tickets that under that status heading.
  6. First sorry issue having and sure i can fix the problem your having, the width issue little unsure why that not showing correctly but if happy send me link to your site via PM and then i happy take look, as for language strings this should been fixed in 2.0.2 as was bug by IPS that was reported then fixed but i can help you to fix this also and then i take deeper look at the file that upload here for future issues.
  7. So small little preview stats moved down little as look to much with top area, the photo can display username
  8. The photo display is turn off by default but if wanted it on its via admin cp.
  9. Will tweak it little more see how get showing correctly. will take look this once finished tweaking. The photo size coming soon 🙂 not sure yet how display name with photo but take look few templates that use this setup. The stats i looking moving around as like you said its little long in size so might get few mock up done then display them get little feedback. Yeah the mins has got little confusing if set it longer then 60 mins but i middle re tweaking this. I like thank you all quick feedback you all provided 🙂
  10. It does see above I signed out not visited the site.
  11. 1.0.2 - New update. Keeps track of the number of registered members that have visited your site in a custom duration and also records which day you set the record for the most members online in the same day all options done via the front settings and Admin CP. Features Show online users for how many mins ago. NEW Who Can See. Show Stat. Limit Maximum Number of The List. Groups To Exclude From the Link. Order Users Link By. Sort Type. Show user photo. NEW
  12. Ok the plugin should be finished and ready Sunday might be ready tomorrow but not sure if find time get little tweaks i need finished tonight.
  13. Now your confusing me lol that very easy to do when late and run out red bull, ok so currently widget here just cut off after 1 hour min you could display and highest was 24 hours, this would display the members been online during that period so example if had settings was 1 hour and user sign off and after that period will not display on the widget. The new version that working on at moment will do this so now can choose min of 1 min current off to max 60 mins cut off but will still display the amount people that has been only in stats *Note in new version tweaking the stats little at moment. When asking my question about Online in the Last (X Mins or in the past (X Mins) this about the lang string that displays at the top.
  14. yeah when finished all the configurations and make sure looks and works in all areas be upload here and then you can upload it to your site but before can do all that just need simple answer to my question lol.
  15. it will be update once i finished but like said would like following Online in the Last (X Mins) or in the past (X Mins)
  16. Ok its working 🙂 so would like this Online in the Last (X Mins) or in the past (X Mins)
  17. Currently working on this just waiting see if this works will update you shortly.
  18. Are you referring to stats ? If so yeah it's there in settings trying make sure same taking same info so make sure giving correct details.
  19. At moment it can't it's was never built like the above plugin but see what I can do with mine.
  20. Who is Online is different plugin and very like old 3.4.x believe plugin does something different to my own.
  21. @EmpireKickass is this installed on the link you have in your sign ?
  22. Vfroos did buy the two themes from here or over ibtheme.com so take look this issue as provide support over ibtheme.com 🙂
  23. @TAMAN if happy i try help why your away don't want step on your toes so to speak.
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