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  1. Ok don't take this wrong way but i no idea what talking about as this not my normal application i work in but if had copy of the 3.4.x version working live i could easy see what the application did i could see if my skill level up to it as normal design basic plugin/applications at moment mainly due to skill level and my current work level can get busy.
  2. Hi @RLPVT have you checked out new application i have no idea does the same as the sports pick ems application as never owned this file or had any clients that have so total unsure what the requirements are.
  3. Hi @Jimpeccable i just tested the issue having on client site has setup this plugin and unsure the issue having in terms setting up members stores i was able to setup new store using this plugin without any issues as may see i not the owner of the application but i do try help people that need help with other dev's files. @tomwin am i correct your having same issue with setting up stores for members ?
  4. The tag removal already built in via edit main post, I also believe tag permission in there also via the admin cp in groups, tag filter maybe already there can't remember as not tested in few months, but tag color yeah could be useful but that what the advanced prefix did bring if remember. But looking making tag system so watch this space as let my mind work out the details.
  5. This simple plugin moved current club Activity from sidebar to below the club directorys making your club area look better.
  6. Yeah just confirmed same issue its like home and activity don't show on mobile view.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is simple plugin removes the club activity from the sidebar and moves below the club diectory.


  8. If any like to test this out let me know via PM.
  9. Just checked this myself as never noticed but after looking at the files it's because the widget setup to hide if your already in subscription plan little odd really as someone might wish downgrade or upgrade via the sidebar.
  10. Nice was that easy to make or did it require some work.
  11. So i have moved the Recent Activity from the sidebar and now moved it below the clubs i happy few people just give test see if more tweaking is needed before making public.
  12. Might have way to solve this not sure yet 🙂
  13. Renewal handle by IPS not us devs as don't have accress to the Admin CP normal there option in purchases click renewal if not then might be Invision HQ own site can get up this !
  14. That could be if club private and need be invited to join would mean can post plus not all clubs might not have topic function added.
  15. Once done that in clubs itself when make new club have this
  16. This plugin has been updated to work on 4.3.x only this allows the IP Address to show on any mobile device as by default it's hidden
  17. Guest check out is there so use bank card or was for me when last used it.
  18. @opentype as far was aware and choosing my words lightly its was fully ban on any PAID file could not be transferred to any dev but i fully know that this is not the case as i seen still going on with few changes of ownership so unless rules been relaxed.
  19. If convert would import every post/topic username as for images if attachment might have few issues as need have images added upload folder one item might have if have same username, same email will ask if want rename one like name_merge. When you do conver just take your time the wizard will guide you and you never miss step as selected task will not unlock to do required ones but you fully understand when start the conveting if need to send me PM during this happy help
  20. No what does let's say your civic5 had category called garage and in that had 4 forums it would copy that over to your FCC site normal below your old forum but my best advice before doing this backup first. You should be able to yes any issue do post here or if it's error best use support ticket in your client area, but I never had any big issues in past.
  21. The converter would move your current forum category on civic5 to fcc so would then need to move the posts in question using move function via Admin CP or using the mod function on the front end, but would move all post/topic and category you have on civic5 i hope that answer the question.
  22. I take look maybe might be able to.
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