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  1. 2.3

    - Added Header Tab in acp wich contains

    • You can change header height, default is 520px ( in pixels )
    • You can set User Info Position ( Left or Right )
    • You can set User Info Top position ( because menu using position absolute )


    - Resolved Ips Hr

  2. 2.3

    - Added Header Tab in acp wich contains

    • You can change header height, default is 520px ( in pixels )
    • You can set User Info Position ( Left or Right )
    • You can set User Info Top position ( because menu using position absolute )


    - Resolved Ips Hr

  3. @MagicalFire - Your suggestion with body it's done


    - Changed the background for ipsCommentCount, now it's gradiented not black anymore


    - Changed the style of User Options in post bit by Adrian Faria for the both post bit styles

    Style 1


    Style 2


    - Resolved body color 

    - Changed in style 1 from 1 Content to Content ( i think nobody observed that  :happy:)

  4. @MagicalFire Try 1.4 update ( if you like the template use star rating and let a comment )



    - Added a border for footer widget title customizable from ACP - > Footer ->  Footer Widgets Border


    - Added a option to made custom category height customizable from ACP - > Forum ->  Category height ( default set to 12px )


    This suggestion requested by @MagicalFire

  5. Sorry @MagicalFire im tired i dint see the images clear!

    Search in custom.css 

    [data-role="forums"] .cForumRow.ipsDataItem {
        position: relative;
        margin-top: 12px;
        padding-top: 12px;
        padding-bottom: 12px;
        margin-bottom: 12px;

    and changed it to 

    [data-role="forums"] .cForumRow.ipsDataItem {
        position: relative;
        margin-top: 4px;
        padding-top: 4px;
        padding-bottom: 4px;
        margin-bottom: 4px;

    Or put what number you want there, or delete the section!

  6. 2.4 ( From now, because archive is to large to be uploaded, if you want all PSD files just send me a pm )

    - Resolved background for moderated posts

    - Resolved some colors for upload attachements

    - Resolved other minor issues

  7. 1.3

    - Now this template use 2 post containers, you can switch betwen style 1 and style 2 from ACP -> PostBit 




    - Now you can change usermenu and seatch position from left to right ( you can switch betwen left and right from ACP - Header )




    - Resolved some background colors

  8. Update


    - Added Summer panel wich contains :
     - Forum Icons changed 
     - SubList Icons changed 
     - Header Bg changed 
     - Back to top button
     - Member Avatar ( index )
    This summer panel can be activated or dezactivated from ACP with 1 click.


    - Now every single column from footer can be disabled
    - Unread forums icons color changed
    - Now when you disable the slider, the image is disableing too.
    - Tags color changed with the hover color
    - Back To Top Icon changed
    - Breadcrumbs icons color changed
    - Changed section Title icon 

  9. Just now, Tammy Wagner said:

    Okay, so reinstalling the chatbox addon seem to have fixed the issues with the dropdowns, anyways the theme is still not styling the chatbox properlyspacer.png
    As you can see the text input and the styles on the header portion, I believe this is because im using the chatbox+ version would you be able to add styles for that??

    Yes send me a pm with forum + an account with acp!

  10. Update 1.1

    - Moved sidebar button in header, inline with notification, messages / reports etc.
    - Added MCP and ACP in header, inline with notification, messages / reports etc.
    - Added hover on icons!
    - Added more drop down menu for all links
      -- Customizable from ACP

    - Added back to top button ( you can dezactivate this feature from ACP )
      -- You can activate or dezactivate back to top button
      -- You can chose what icon you want to use
      -- You can chose the position left or right ( default right)

    - Resolved rank title and pips ( now are alligned to right )

    - Resolved background for moderation ( now it's ok )
    - Resolved ipsPageAction 
    - Changed bg for badgepositive
    - Changed ckeditor



  11. So @Tammy Wagner , first reinstall the theme after u update the chatbox first time.Because it's normal, is the default css.This is for chatbox.Just try to reinstall again the chat!

    Second i dont understand what drop down are you seapking? The link in usermenu maybe are bugged because one of your plugins are outdated, i uploaded this template on other website and it's perfectly fine.Let me know after you check your plugins and reinstall the themes  the problem it's still there!

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